Parts Production



Production of the mechanical parts

Experience, qualified personnel and technical equipment allow us to produce various types of mechanical parts according to specific customer requirements.

COMPAS Ltd. was approved as authorized supplier for leading companies in the U.S. and Romania.

Signed confidentiality agreements with our partners prevents us from making public customer portfolio.

Examples of parts processed:

  • spare parts for OEM and "after market" - high precision, special heat treatment
  • turned rollers and rings - outsourcing for leading bearing manufacturers

 Technological operations we can perform

- cutting on automatic band saw - Ø max. 360 mm

- turning on CNC lathes - Ø 40-350 mm; Lmax = 500 mm

- turning on CNC lathes with barfeeder - Ø max. 15-40 mm

- milling and drilling on CNC lathe with C axis - Ø max. 200 mm; Lmax = 500 mm

- grinding and heat treatment - through collaboration



Advantages of CNC turning:

- high accuracy - increasing products quality

- processing complex geometry parts (contouring in 3D)

- repeatability

- flexibility

- high productivity

- operational safety


COMPAS company is able to perform both its own range of manufacturing products and products as specified recipient, with a high quality level, according to EU standards, in terms of maximum efficiency, to meet the requirements of internal and external customers.